Monday, October 10, 2016

Alternate Futures 3: Worlds That Weren’t

We all knew how we were supposed to live in the World of Tomorrow.  Higher, Faster, Better. Everything pointed onwards and upwards.

Except it didn’t.  We probably should’ve known better that the streamlined jet and rocket-like Space Age images that were products the imaginations of countless artists, were exactly that: imagination, and nothing else.  But somehow, it all seemed so tantalizingly close. Dream on:

Following Up:

If you’ll recall earlier in this blog how I reported that how billionaire Elon Musk and other prominent individuals had become convinced that there was a good chance that we were living in someone else’s simulation, à la The Matrix.  Even the Bank of America has jumped on board, recently stating there’s up to a 50% chance that we were living inside a simulated reality.

But now, according to The Independent, two unnamed Silicon Valley billionaires who believe in the simulation hypothesis, are putting their money where their mouths are and have secretly hired scientists “to break us out of the simulation.”

Now, according to Musk - and it is unknown if he is one the funders of this project — if we were living in a simulation, it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. On the contrary, if we weren’t living in a simulation, Musk says, then all human life is in danger of ending, so we should hope that we are living in one.

Stay tuned...

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