Friday, September 30, 2011

Some Speedbumps on the Way to Publication...

Unfortunately, we've hit a few snags on the way to our initial launch date. As I went over a final review of the layout file I was prepared to offer the printer, I was astonished to see typos. So... I started going through them. Still am and I apologize. This is no-one's fault. As well, other things have happened in my life recently that have slowed things down but not stopped it.

As a result, as my token of thanks, I am adding four additional scenes to the novel that do not currently appear in the e-book version. I do plan to add these scenes to the e-book upon the launch of the print edition.

So hang in there. And in the meantime, you can always by War Plan Crimson, A Novel of Alternate History,by Michael Cnudde, as an e-book from here. It's just $2.99 to buy, free to try.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Estimate from Printers!

War Plan Crimson, A Novel of Alternate History is one more step to seeing life as a printed book. This week I received the estimate for how much it would cost to go ahead with a print run. I will meet with the printers rep next week to finalize a few details.

More as this as it develops!

Meanwhile, you can still purchase War Plan Crimson as an E-book. Just $2.99, free to try. What more could you want?

Editorial: A Whirlwind of Irrationality

I wrote this in the online Comments section of the Globe and Mail in response to an article the tells how US Tea Party Candidate Michelle Bachmann believes that the HPV vaccine causes "mental retardation."

If I don't sound too puffed up with myself, I think it bears repeating...

The United States (and Canada) is now caught up in a whirlwind of irrationality where our worst nightmares happen: vaccines make us sick; President Obama isn't an American; 9-11 was an inside job; global warming isn't human caused or isn't happening and is itself a conspiracy; we didn't land on the moon; the Illuminati and their brethren secretly rule the world through such organizations as Skull and Bones and the Bhomenian Grove; little grey aliens are working with the Hidden Government to produce human/alien hybrids; chemtrails and HARRP are secret weapons designed to depopulate the planet and much, much more...

Such irrationality is bred out of our insecurities and fears where we try to find explanations - conspiracy theories - that satisfy ourselves by "connecting the dots" and disregarding all evidence to the contrary. Sometimes this is done to an extreme, almost fanatical, level. Sometimes that evidence is even twisted around to be used in support of the theory. However, for all their sound and fury, seldom are these conspiracy theories correct. As Jung once said, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."

Or something like that.

Friday, September 9, 2011

First Book Sold Through Retail Site!

First the good news: we sold the first copy of War Plan Crimson, A Novel of Alternate History from a retail site. Of course,it continues to be available through Smashwords where the price is a mere $2.99, zero to try. Meanwhile, we're still working on getting the paperback version launched... I hope to have more on this in the near future.

Finally, here's a picture of me reading at the newly renovated The Well from an earlier self-published effort, a collection of alt-history short stories entitled Elvis Saves JFK! I hope to have a Somerset House E-book edition of it available soon.