Monday, August 8, 2011

The More Things Change...

Here's an article in today's online edition of the Globe and Mail that alleges the CIA secretly kept a watch on the Canadian economy, the then-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and our natural resources, including with a degree of prescience, the Alberta tar sands: “The sands rank with the U.S. shale deposits as the world’s most extensive known, largely untapped oil source... The pollution issue and opposition to defacing Alberta’s landscape may arise but has not as yet."

The information, with some of it still redacted, was released by the CIA in response to a Freedom of Information request, goes to the heart of the theme of War Plan Crimson that nations look after their own interests first - only others after that.

Of course, Canada has spied upon on its southern neighbour.  In Spyworld: How C.S.E. Spies on Canadians and the World, (1995: Seal/Bantam) by Michael Gratton and Mike Frost, it's alleged that Canada through its Communications Security Establishment (Canada's equivalent to the NSA) was able to undercut the United States on several lucrative wheat sales to China, by electronically eavesdropping on the U.S. Embassy.

I find the whole thing interesting, of course. We've only been able to get a partial glimpse of what really goes on... Meanwhile, you can always read my entirely imaginary -of course- War Plan Crimson, A Novel of Alternate History.  It's just $2.99 to buy as an e-book and free to sample.

Meanwhile, work on the trade paperback rollout continues. I will have more on this as it comes.

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