Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another Excerpt!

Another Excerpt From War Plan Crimson: A Novel of Alternate History © 2010, by Michael Cnudde
As we grow closer to publication date and everything begins to come together, here's an excerpt from War Plan Crimson:
...Sergeant Jacques Bedard stood up dizzily with one hand supporting himself against the wall of the trench. Tabernac. That was too close. Shells were falling around them, with greater accuracy then ever before. He looked up the trench line. His men were hammering back with rifles and machine guns against the advancing line of shadowy figures and squat objects that rumbled forward in the green mist through the ruins. Infantry with tank support. This is it. Another salvo of shells rained down on them, kicking up more fresh clouds of dirt and raining more clouds of poison on them.
He stole a look at Lise Degault. Merde! His jaw dropped as he scrambled over to where she was, kneeling beside a fallen soldier. She had her mask off and on his face. "What are you doing?"
She smiled demurely and coughed. "His mask came off in the shelling."
"Take it." Without thinking he yanked off his mask and thrust it into her hands and watched her fit it to her face. Bedard gasped in the air that smelled more like a hundred thousand swimming pools on a very bad day. Not so bad. He coughed as it began to sear his lungs. Not really. Bedard coughed once more as he felt his eyes began to tear up and begin to burn as he knew they would.
And then another round of shells came in and Bedard’s world went black. He saw nothing ever again.

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