Thursday, May 5, 2011

Actual Defence Scheme One Documents!

This is part of the actual historical Defense Scheme One documents I used in my research on War Plan Crimson. The bulk of the documents I found seem to be operational orders for the 3rd Canadian Division, assigned to the defense of central Canada. It would seem to be a largely "paper" unit. The 3rd Canadian Division was formed in 1915, saw heavy service on the Western Front and then disbanded 1918; its successor, the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division, wouldn't be formed until 1940, and like its predecessor, was heavily engaged in Western Europe, and disbanded in 1945.

 Now I wonder if the publication of these 80-odd year old documents will result in any Knocks on the Door from the Authorities. I'll keep you posted, as well as put up a few more in the coming weeks.  

Meanwhile, we're doing the final edits of the electronic and paperback versions. 

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