Thursday, February 17, 2011

More About War Plan Crimson

A Bit More About War Plan Crimson: A Novel of Alternate History, © 2010, by Michael Cnudde:

The background of War Plan Crimson is very factual. In my story, a fascist dictator overthrows FDR in 1934 (Check out something called the Business Plot - it almost happened) and decides to invade Canada to unify and strengthen his hold on power. In the mid-30, the American military had a number of colour-coded war plans kept in contingency. War Plan Red was for war with the British Empire; Canada was labeled Crimson. Essentially the the US plan was to take and hold Canada before reinforcements could come from the British Empire and then annex their new conquests. Canada however, had its own defense plan, called Defense Scheme One, which envisioned as war approached, that Canada would launch a series of pre-emptive strikes into the US in order to buy time for help to arrive from elsewhere. Canadian troops would fight a slow withdrawal across US soil, blowing up bridges, dams, power-plants, telephone exchanges as they went, trading time for space.

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